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(And happy birthday to me!)

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Happy birthday, dear!!! :D

Thanks, dude! :D

What's up? We haven't talked in ages! Did you ever figure out what you're going to do for college? :O

I KNOW RIGHT?! Maybe I should reinstall MSN messenger just for you, haha~

I'm going to major in political science/international relations, and on this I'm pretty sure! Too bad I wasted my time on art and slacked off the last two years, sob~ oh well. Right now I'm trying to own the SAT and bump up my GPA...and the only classes I'm taking senior year deal with social sciences!! haha! NO MORE DREADED MATH FOR MEEEEE D:

How are you?! Anything new? I miss yooou <3


That's cool! But aw, it wasn't wasted time! Good luck with your classes and GPA and SAT and all that jazz. @__@

I'm gooood. I can't actually remember the last time we talked. Ha. I'm enrolled at the local community college. Almost done with my AA degree. Trying to figure out where to transfer to, what I want to do with my life, etc. I'm taking a short story writing class and it's pretty much awesome, though. 8D

I miss you too. :D

(Deleted comment)

I'm good. It's midterms so there's like A TON OF WORK, but what else is new? :D

D'aw... that's the cutest icon ever.

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Yeah. When I walk to the bus to go to school now I go through our old elementary school and walk down that hill we used to play on all the time. Everything looks so tiny now. How are you doing? What's up in your life?

(Deleted comment)
Sweet! Is the farm a permanent gig or like an internship or what? *clueless non-agriculture person* 8D

I'm sort of bumbling my way through college at the moment, preparing to transfer in about a year or so. It's good, though.

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