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Wow, okay, as much as this International Political Economy class is kicking my ass, I'm glad I'm taking it, because I'm quickly realizing that whatever history we were taught in high school was such a pathetically small, select glance. It doesn't even count as the tip of an iceberg. It's the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

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Yea... All that crap about APUSH like, needing to memorize all the presidents or whatever and specific dates? In my Japanese history class we only need to know about significant emperors cause there have been like 180 of em. It's nice to have a time line, but it shouldn't be the goal of the whole class definitely. It just annoys me that high school runs by semester and takes so long to cover a topic that could have been covered in a quarter. But what are we gonna do about it? We've suffered through it, not like we're gonna go to the school and tell em to change their failure of a curriculum. =/

See, I didn't take APUSH. So I'm pretty sure my class was viewed as a bunch of hopelessly retarded losers.

We could invent a time machine and then, after traveling to May 2010 to see the Iron Man II premier, we could go back in time and hire a proper teacher. O:

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