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Aw, don't hate me. :(

Where are you in the game/how long have you been playing for?

Are you outta school for the quarter? Are you taking summer classes? We should totally hang out.

I just defeated the Garuda, and got crushed by the wall a few times before i got tired of it and moved on. Which is embarassing because my boyfriend defeated them on like the first try (though he's played before, so that's cheating). I've been playing for like... 26 hours. But I started playing a billion years ago when I first moved in here, like three/four months ago. School was a jerk so I wasn't playing for a while there.

I am out of school, but I'm taking a computer programming classes and nannying weekdays. We should definitely hang out--I can even take the boy I'm watching with me generally, provided you'd be willing to put up with an autistic 10 year old. Which is a lot to ask, I suppose. I'll usually be available after 6 as well--Jasmine Perscheid is my roommate, I bet she'd love to see you too!

Also, sorry the MSN thing hasn't worked out. The internet client I had been using just stopped working (like most things on my computer). But I've ordered a new laptop and I'm really really hoping it will be better and then I'll be able to catch up with you and Trevor more. I suppose we could try facebook chat or gchat too... or just wait a week ^^

I forgot when I started the game (although I had to start over about three times because I kept forgetting what was going on) but I am sure that it was at least a year ago, so don't feel bad.

Whenever/whatever works. I am sure evenings work the best for Trev anyway. Sweet. Well, we'll figure something out! :D

Hey, no problem. I hope the new computer works out. In the meantime, there are always LJ comments/email/etc!

I should totally crash now, but I really want to wriiiite, even though I know I'll regret it tomorrow because I'll be like "I THOUGHT THIS WAS GOOD?!?!?" since sleep deprivation and writing don't mix. :(

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