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I am so ridiculously excited for James Cameron's Avatar movie. Between that, and Sherlock Holmes, I wish it was December already. D:

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I really want to see Alice in Wonderland. Tim Burton + Johnny Depp? Yes please!

God, that looks fantastic, too. I'm not exactly a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, but the character designs and stills that I've seen look pretty epic.

Yeah, Tim Burton's movies are usually really pretty and interesting to look at, but this looks even better than usual! :D

omg, but you know what's coming out soon? HARRY POTTER. :D :D :D

We should just have some sort of crazy awesome marathon!

We totally should! Man. It's crazy how much the actors have aaaaaaaged. I mean, I know in the books that they went from being 11 to 17 or whatever, but I never really thought about it. :D

Yeah! Now we're getting into the scope of the books that I don't really remember. 1-4 I could practically recite... beyond that it's kinda a blur. But yeah, the actors have gotten all... stoicy and rugged. Also I frequently forget that Ron is really tall.

Meee too. I remember watching the last movie and being all "did that really happen in the book?" because I couldn't remember. I'm just ready for some awesome battle scenes! :D

Different movie, dude. James Cameron's Avatar is like, an epic 3-D sci-fi Pocahontas-esque story. The other movie, now known officially as The Last Airbender is gonna suck.

Re: I'm not so sure... bad

Hey, no problem! It sucks that the movie is turning out so bad, because the cartoon was pretty awesome overall. Have you seen it?

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